Photo by Ivette Spradlin

Photo by Ivette Spradlin

 Photo by Nathan J Shaulis

Photo by Nathan J Shaulis

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Casey Droege
Executive Director


Droege is a cultural producer and artist, and arts consultant. Her work moves between social practice and curatorial ventures. Droege holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of the Arts. She recently left her roles in academia — as an Assistant Professor at AI Pittsburgh and Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University -- to launch CDCP. Her work has been written about in the New York Times, Quartz, Next Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and Temporary Art Review.  Recent exhibitions include: Space Gallery, Pittsburgh; Threewalls, Chicago; Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit; Passerby, Los Angeles; and Chatham University, Pittsburgh.

Johanna Lasner
Assistant Director


Lasner is a curator and artist with formal studies in photography and interior design. Prior to moving to Pittsburgh, she lived in the United Kingdom, Canada and the Caribbean. During her time in Pittsburgh, she has worked with CDCP,  The Carnegie Museum of Art, and GalleriE Chiz. She recently curated the Ramin Project, by artist Aurora Zanabria, in her native country of Ecuador. Lasner's passion for community has taken her to participate in sociocultural projects such as Canadian Mill Woods Assembly Medical Mission in Guatemala, Latinas Connect, and Madres Latinas of Pittsburgh. 


Vicky A Clark
Curator in Residence


Eclectic and eccentric, Clark (independent curator, critic, professor) has been part of the Pittsburgh art scene for over 30 years. She grew up in the Southern California of the Beach Boys but self-identifies as a child of the sixties. Seeking to reconcile those formative experiences, her life has unfolded in expected and marvelous ways. Always situated in the margins, starting with a dissertation on illustrated late medieval astrological manuscripts, she has a consuming interest in how others navigate the unknowable and the intangible. Curious in nature, she has been intrigued by the creativity and intelligence she finds in contemporary art and artists who attempt the impossible. A passionate feminist, a tenacious tennis player, an avid reader, and proud owner of an enviable and growing shoe collection, she is committed to encouraging others to see the world in new ways with eyes wide open.  



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