We closed out the SIX x ATE of the season on October 16th at Neu Kirche in PIttsburgh's Northside. Neu Kirche (NK) is a dynamic art space dedicated to contemporary art in all of its forms.


During SIX x ATE: Concrete guests were treated to a great meal and 5 minute presentations or performances by six artists. These artists responded to the theme of concrete by addressing it as a material, as a concept, or any way they saw fit. 


Artists included Genevieve Barbee-Turner,  Joy KMTChristine Lorenz, Alex Lukas, Adam Milner, and Jayla Patton.


Food was provided by Keyla Nogueira Cook, who moved to the Pittsburgh about 4 years ago and since then has been spreading some Brazilian flavors throughout the city. She is native to Brazil and has been living in the US for the last 10 years. During the last couple years, Keyla has cooked for a variety crowd from supper clubs to cultural festivals giving Pittsburghers a chance try feijoada which is Brazil’s national dish and Keyla’s specialty. However, for the October edition of Six x Ate, Keyla created a menu that explores the theme: concrete! The menu will include pumpkin fritters (bolinho de abóbora), shrimp stew (bobó de camarão) and passion fruit mousse (mousse de maracujá). The menu was selected to connect with the theme and also the fall season, since all dishes will have 4 ingredients as the base of each recipe and Keyla will also use some fall ingredients such as pumpkin and squash. 



Logo by Christina Lee