CDCP facilitates artwork acquisitions and commissions for businesses looking to connect with independent artists and designers.

Art Acquisitions & Commissions

CDCP connects clients with the work of the region’s most talented artists.

By partnering with CDCP, clients are supported in creating a beautiful space through the selection or commissioning of artworks. From temporary pieces for commercial common areas to site-specific commissions, our hands-on approach makes the process of finding relevant art works painless. We match developers, interior designers, and architects with works that will add value to their project. Whether a client needs a painting hung on a wall, specially designed furniture, or an installation for an event, CDCP Art Consulting can meet your needs.

Through our various community programs, we work with a range of artists in the region and have a thorough understanding of the work available and the most reliable artists. Our own artistic backgrounds allow us a thorough understanding of materials, installation, and archival considerations.  

Supporting Pittsburgh's Art Economy

While CDCP can source artwork nationally or internationally, we encourage our clients to consider supporting living, regional artists. This helps to create a thriving creative community and encourages a sustainable economy for artists in the Pittsburgh area.

Services we offer:

· Sourcing art works or commissioning new work based on clients specifications.

· Curating a selection of artwork to suit your environment and your needs.

· Coordinating the artists throughout the process.

· Framing and installing all works in a professional and safe manner.

· Creating documents to track your collection for archival or insurance purposes.

· Designing and printing promotional materials (i.e. catalogs, brochures, postcards of the project or collection).

A CDCP Client Story Case Study 1: TRYP Pittsburgh | Lawrenceville

Photography by Alexandra Ribar and TRYP Pittsburgh | Lawrenceville, Video by Michael Savisky

The Details: 58,000 sq ft, 5 story boutique hotel with 108 rooms set in the historic Washington Education Center. The client was interested in featuring local artists and commissioning works that highlighted the history of the building as an educational center.

Budget: Large (Over $250,000)
Time frame: 30 months

The CDCP Solution: To highlight the history of this incredible building, we started with an RFP to find proposals for feature installations and lighting. We commissioned 4 artists to create “feature walls” and 1 artist to design and build a dynamic lighting feature. We also bought works from living, local artists to fill every room and public space. Through a jointly designed map and brochure, guests of the hotel are able to view the works, learn about the artists involved, and even purchase selected works from the front desk.

Total works purchased: 351

Total new commissions: 4 feature walls, 1 lighting feature, 1 history wall, 2 murals, 108 artist designed chalkboards

Total artists: 31 artists, all live and work in the Pittsburgh region

Collaborating with Monmade

Monmade and CDCP began collaborating through the process of working on TRYP Pittsburgh. Monmade helped spec artisanal and sustainable furnishings, fixtures, and finishes for the project from their network of talented craftspeople. Learn more about Monmade and consider working with both of us to fulfill many design aspects of your project.

A CDCP Client Story Case Study 2: The Benter Foundation

Photos from Porter Loves Creative

The Details: 6000 sq ft of space, over three floors of mixed use space.

The client wanted to build a collection that feels professionally relevant and impactful in the community.

Budget: Medium (Under $250,000)
Time frame: 8 months

The CDCP Solution: To build this incredible collection for our client, we sourced the majority of works from living, local artists. This allowed us to bring in sample works to the space and see them in situ. We filled a total of 13 rooms with works, allowing each floor to showcase a different look. This project began after a renovation of the space, so we worked with the textiles and furniture choices of the interior designer.

Total works purchased: 70

Total new commissions: 7 paintings, 1 piece of furniture, 1 sculpture

Total artists: 24 artists, 21 (live and work in the Pittsburgh region)

A CDCP Client Story Case Study 3: Acusis Office Space

Photos from Porter Loves Creative

The Details: 1800 sq ft of space. The client was looking for a small art collection to fill their space and represent their staff and clientele.

Budget: Small under $100,000

Time frame: 5 months

The CDCP Solution: A selection of works that reflected the personalities of its employees while also remaining a professional and welcoming space for clients. We focused on the entryway of the office, a long hallway, and filled with striking photographs of the cities represented by their staff. Cubicle areas and shared spaces were given smaller pieces that created a theme for each space, while individual offices were decorated to fit the person’s tastes.

Total works purchased: 30
Total artists: 11 (9 live and work in the Pittsburgh region)

CDCP offers temporary options through Small Mall

Small Mall - 20190204 - 05.jpg

Not sure if you’re ready to buy work? Trying out something new? We can offer temporary solutions through our concept store, Small Mall. We offer a range of works, from artists within a 100 mile radius of Pittsburgh, in our experimental retail space. Small Mall changes inventory every quarterly, and creates a simple way for the client to walk in and choose affordable works of art to try on a short or long term basis. Most work in the shop is under $500 and can be on loan for 1-3 months.

Small Mall - 20190204 - 28.jpg

Options for Small Mall

· Clients can choose their own artworks from the store’s affordable inventory.

· Works can be loaned for up to 3 months or purchased.

· Rotating galleries can be easily managed by Small Mall staff.

· We cover framing, installation, labels, insurance for the work, and sales.

· We create promotional materials to tell the story of the work you’re showing. Content can be used for print or digital media.

· By working with regional talent, you’ll strengthen your relationship with the local community and engage in the local arts ecosystem.

For more information, contact us through our website.