CDCP facilitates artwork acquisitions and commissions for businesses looking to connect with independent artists and designers.

Art Acquisitions & Commissions

 CDCP connects clients with the work of the region’s most talented artists.

By partnering with CDCP, clients are supported in creating a beautiful space through the selection or commissioning of artworks. From temporary pieces for commercial common areas to site-specific commissions, our hands-on approach makes the process of finding relevant art works painless. We match developers, interior designers, and architects with works that will add value to their project. Whether a client needs a painting hung on a wall, specially designed furniture, or an installation for an event, CDCP Art Consulting can meet your needs.

Through our various community programs, we work with a range of artists in the region and have a thorough understanding of the work available and the most reliable artists. Our backgrounds in the arts allows us a thorough understanding of materials, installation, and archival considerations.


Supporting Pittsburgh's Art Economy

While CDCP can source artwork nationally or internationally, we encourage our clients to consider supporting living, regional artists. This helps to create a thriving creative community and encourages a sustainable economy for artists in the Pittsburgh area.

For more information, contact us through our website.