Feeding Pittsburgh's cultural appetite.


CSA PGH, a keystone program of CDCP, came to fruition in 2013 from the hard work of Corey Escoto, Kilolo Luckett, Blain Siegel and Casey Droege.  Community Supported Art Pittsburgh (CSA PGH) created “shares” of local art to feed the public’s cultural appetite.  Instead of the boxes of fruit and vegetables that one might get from a local farm as an agricultural CSA,  our shares include works by local artists.  CSA PGH has received local and national support and will continue to bring fresh, local art to the community. 


To date CSA PGH has commissioned 23 artists in the creation of 170 shares sold to the public. Along with seasonal shares, CSA PGH produces Small Mall, an annual arts market featuring past participating CSA artists.