Notes from the underground pool.

Dearest Grizzlies and Californians,

As I finished my rave review of the California Hotel on yelp today, I realized I hadn’t sent you guys any postcards. So as a token souvenir here is a brief summary of my stay. I spent the week exploring, tinkering, and eating at every taco joint encountered. In the end, I am leaving the hotel with a slight sunburn, lots of ideas, and a couple of projects (some finished, some not.)

Let me give you the juicy details:

1. I made the bed into a piece, which you could choose to set up for openings and such. The comforter has a quote from Maggie Nelson on the left hand side, “Loneliness is just solitude with problems” and one the right side of the bed there is a pillow with a permanent head indentation. A reminder of my presence.

2. The phone has several messages for all of you. When you arrive please press * twice (sometimes three times if you don’t press hard enough) to turn it on. When you’re finished listening –it’s around 7 minutes total- or if you need to go pee, just press * again to stop it. It’ll pick right back up when you return.

3. I started to create a video of the bed vibrating in morse code. It is not finished yet, but I hope to have it for you before the end of the show. I will mail it to Lauren when done, so that you guys can watch from the comfort of that bed.

4. Saturday’s open hotel time started off slow, but picked up by the end of the night. I made a little time lapse of the event… starting with the three of us watching transformers (most ADD movie ever, not a single shot over 4 seconds long and I have no idea what happened) and ending with us turning off the lights to head towards town.


I'm thrilled to be a part of this show. It's awesome to collaborate with all of you grizzlies, to work through each and every hair-brained scheme with Derya, and to be a part of Lauren's amazing space. Stay tuned for more photos and finished video. Enjoy November, and I’ll see some of you at the closing!


Casey Droege