Come to our party, dress in white.

Christine Choi and I named our collaborative explorations COME TO OUR PARTY, DRESS IN WHITE mostly so we could have a party where everyone would actually dress in white. After our week-long residency in Future Tenant's gallery space, we finally did that... and everyone agreed that is was pretty awesome.

We pulled hundreds of songs that had lyrics directing the listener to move in a certain way - "Shake it like a Polaroid picture", "Strike a pose", "Pop lock and drop it"... We showcased some of the fine music videos from these songs in tiny mobile projections. The lyrics became a scrolling "red carpet" video and interactive slideshow. But best of all, DJs Mary Mack, Square Peg, and Drop That took all the songs and mixed them into a serious dance party allowing visitors to move their bodies in any which way they pleased.

Thanks to everyone who helped us pull off the party and big ups to those who shook their tail feathers.

Check out our upcoming San Francisco performance BROADCAST at Make Hang in San Francisco August 26th.