Flying High

This is kind of how I felt after leaving the Creative Capital retreat that kicked off the Flight School Fellowship here in Pittsburgh. It was amazing and empowering and awe-inspiring... PLUS, practical. With tangible solutions and strategic planning, I walked away from the weekend feeling like a woman on a mission... or like a unique creature who can see beauty and possibility all around them. While this image may not be realistic, my new life vision is entirely- while maintaining the same amount of rainbows and sparkles.

A few of the tools we were given were unique to the workshop, but not everything. Jackie Battenfield came to give us some surprisingly new advice on dealing with the giant interwebs (a place with which you're obviously familiar). I was really excited to walk away from her talk with new ideas for this site and my presence online. Jackie's written this book:


I've just begun reading it, but already I am finding the same empowering and practical advice that I really respond to. So I just want to recommend it to the world. Enjoy!