Wanted: Images of 0's


Last week, Lenka Clayton and I were introduced to one of Pittsburgh's greatest collectors of artists books, manifestos, and magazines.  We spent an hour drooling over a tiny section which included a bunch of the Great Bear Pamphlets, Fluxus treasures, and some File magazines.

File was founded by the Canadian collective General Idea in the 70's and you can see the cover design is a parody of Life magazine. The magazine described itself as an “alternative to the alternative press.

In the back of each issue, there was a coveted mailing list of artists and other subscribers. Among the names and addresses, there are tons of requests and offerings. (check out Sol Lewitt and Gordon Matta below)

The hope is to secure the future of this archive. If you have any thoughts on ways to make this available to the public or to secure funding for its preservation, send them my way...