Name that tune

At a former job, my coworkers and students would play a song and then take bets on how long it would take before I started singing the tune. While my parroting provided endless entertainment for the group, I saw it as symbol of my bigger struggle >>> my brain can't function if there is music on. I can't parallel park, hold a conversation, make work in my studio... I just can't focus on anything but the lyrics and moving my body. So I started checking out some studies done on multitasking and our brains. This one, claims that introverts are commonly impaired by the introduction of music to the envrionment, while extroverts are enhanced by it. Another claimed that only music with a complex structure would significantly distract the brain. And then of course, there's John Baldessari, who just gives in to the music. I've decided that my studio days no longer have to be silent, I will just sing out each and every idea as it comes through... and don't you worry, those tracks will drop later this year on Iceberg and Sorcery.