Teary Queeraoke

Just in time for Pittsburgh Pride Week, I'll be hosting Teary Queearaoke next Saturday, June 9th at the Brillobox. From 8-10pm, you can come celebrate the release of my record "Tracks of my Tears," a limited edition conceptual record that holds 40 minutes of my stories about every moment a song has made me cry. YOU are welcome to sing the songs that have made you cry and make an appointment to record your own story with me for the next record.

These DON'T have to be sad songs, mine range from Ace of Base's "Dont Turn Around" to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." You never know what might spark a waterfall. Singing is free, records are available for $40 and the crowd's favorite performer for the night will receive an AUTHENTIC vial of Casey's tears.

The very next night, June 10th,  I'll be at Pittsburgh's SOUP N'AT trying to get money to take this karaoke gig on the road!