Do the math.

920 square feet of my objectified subjection will go up on April 19th in Pittsburgh's Northside. I'm thrilled to be working with the Children's Museum and Nick Chambers of the Warhol Museum to create the newest piece for the UNDERPASS Gallery, a site under the railroad separating the Northshore from the Northside.

This giant equation, which follows the work I've done here, will add up to one thing when you walk towards the shore and something else as you walk in the other direction. Artist and muralist, Alison Zapata is integral in the creation of this monster. On the right you can see her hard at work with my amazing assistant Kristen Staab.

 The site is viewable by car but much easier to experience on foot. So next time you're tailgating or stopping in at the Warhol, take some time to walk up Federal Street.