= Light at the end of the tunnel

... is the title of my new mural when you walk north. However when you walk south, you'll see that it has a different name. This giant equation is broken up into three sections: The everyday needs and desires, The interpersonal, and The external or luck. So take a moment to walk back and forth, and you'll notice the math changes depending on your direction. What does it all add up to? Well, I say it quantifies the unquantifiable and therefore it may just hold the answers to everything you've ever wanted to know.

The mural is in the Underpass Gallery of the Children's Museum on Federal Street in Pittsburgh's northside. This will be up for one year, so stop on over and let me know what you think. Extra thanks to Nicholas Chambers, Milton Fine Curator of Art at the Andy Warhol Museum, for selecting me to do the piece and providing wonderful feedback throughout the process.