New website? Why yes, thanks.

Zhiwan Cheung helped make my dreams come true for my website's facelift. So if you're in need... go ask him for some magic. As part of all of this, I had to do lots of reorganizing and slim down all the goodies I'd love to put on the interwebs. As part of my housecleaning, I'll be giving away old works on the Get Some page every month or two. Just check in to see what I'm pulling out of the archive for you. 

This month I'm posting "Hello, you've reached the winter of our discontent."  from 2010. This poster came into the world as part of an AWESOME Reality Bites inspired show with Lauren Payne and Lynn Fleming at Cranbrook. It features the top ten words used in the 1994 movie alongside the top ten words used in my journal the same year. (I was 12) Enjoy!