Climb Abroad

Thank you to all the folks who joined the Climb Abroad bus tour through 76<100. Tour goers had the opportunity to meet 5 non-male artists in Pittsburgh who are making great work, strengthening our creative community, and contributing to the contemporary art world in significant ways. 

As I left undergrad art school in Chicago a little over 10 years ago, I was part of a trend of mostly female graduates. For the last 25 years, student populations of art schools have been 60-70% women. The trend can also be found in graduate programs, and many college and university settings. However, as soon as you look for women in the professional world, in major exhibits, on grant lists, as tenured faculty, this trend disappears. 

What happens to all of these women in the arts? I certainly have my theories, as I’m sure you do too. So I spend much of my own practice creating support for my non-male peers and celebrating their accomplishments. This bus tour was a very short trip with just a few of the many women we should treasure, so I encourage to keep looking for more and when you find them, shout to the rooftops because they deserve more.