Winter 2018


Art can be one large gesture or it can be made of many, many bits and pieces, a labor of love, an obsessive activity. This exhibit featured artists that assemble pieces to make a whole which is “greater than the sum of its parts.”


Co-Curated by Vicky A. Clark and Casey Droege



Darnell Chambers

Lenka Clayton

Larry Cressman

Caldwell Linker

Jovencio de la Paz

Rachel Schmidhofer


Photos from Sean Carroll.

SIX x ATE: Quid Pro Quo

Fall 2017

As a part of our 2017 SIX x ATE dinner and lecture series, CDCP curated an exhibition of four artists at Indiana University's Kipp Gallery. The exhibition featured Rose Clancy, Naomi Chambers, Mark Franchino, and Ashley Jones who also spoke at our Sept. 14th event SIX x ATE event of the same name. 

CSA PGH Remix     

Summer 2017 


Casey Droege Cultural Productions launched its new gallery at 937 Liberty Ave., a project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust with CSA PGH Remix, showcasing past CSA PGH editioned artwork  along with new work from selected alum.


CSA PGH creates “shares” of art to feed the public’s cultural appetite. Each season, we commission local artists to produce editioned work, which we collate into shares available for purchase by the public. We are part of a national artist-driven movement inspired by agricultural CSAs. Learn more at csapgh.com


Featured artists included:
Edith Abeyta, Jeremy Boyle, Alexis Gideon, William Kofmehl, Jenn Meridian, Ed Panar, Jim Rugg, Lizzee Monster-Mash Solomon, Alisha Wormsley, Reiko Yamamoto


Special Event: July 29th 7-10pm,  CSA PGH alum David Bernabo and his band Host Skull released their third album on Ongoing Box/Golden Magnet. More info here.

15 Minutes of Shame

Summer 2013


Presented by Gold Standard (Droege and Corey Escoto), 15 Minutes of Shame featured a night of karaoke art works.

Artists Mary Smulland Dave Kyu (Philadelphia), Lizzy De Vita (Pittsburgh/New York), and Brette Gabel (Toronto) presentedparticipatory and performative Karaoke works throughout the night with the help of the gallery crawl audience. DeVita’s Seven Signs, Twelve Signs was a kinetic sculpture comprised od a karaoke setup, “The Sign” by Ace of Base and an unprofessional singer. As time passed, the elements settled in.


Gabel presented one hour of Quiet Karaoke, turning the volume so low, it asked participants to whisper their favorite songs in order to hear the music.

Smull and Kyu’s WORKAOKE: A Karaoke Opera was a participatory performance.  Attendees were invited to sing the arc of the artist at work as it is expressed through popular song.  From the fantasy of stardom to the daily grind, from the disillusionment inherent in commercialism to the reconnection to work for work's sake - all was explored through the voices of who really matters:  the fans.

may you live in interesting times  

Fall 2017


Vicky Clark curated "may you live in interesting times," an exhibtion of  new work investigating visual thinking in the new world order, featuring Sarika GoulatiaBrenda Roger, and Thomas Waters.


This exhibition included a City of Asylum reading room and special installation from Tuhin Das. Along with special programming in partnership with the Arts and the Law Committee of the Allegheny County Bar Association, ACLU of Pennsylvania, City of Asylum and their writer-in-residence Tuhin Das, and the Executive Women's Council. 



Fall 2013


Comprised: Life in the Middle presented the evidence of artistic communities finding sustenance in the culturally barren landscape of Middle America. Through the guise of  “ethnocuratorialism,” Gold Standard (Droege and Corey Escoto) gathered artifacts and documentation- some real and some creatively fictionalized. This exhibition presented a unique perspective of these cultural economies, providing editorialized “facts” and infographics on the positive side of choosing this lifestyle alongside paraphernalia of real projects across the country.


Extra curricular activities included a “Quilting in the HeARTland” day and closing party featuring Jérémie Buchholtz and Alexis Gideon.

Pittsburgh Biennial

In the fall of 2014, Droege curated the CMU Miller Gallery's contribution to the Pittsburgh Biennial. This collaborative city-wide exhibition project was presented by Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in partnership with the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, Mattress Factory, Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Pittsburgh Glass Center. The Biennial celebrates the region’s most compelling artists as well as our unique visual arts landscape.


This was a cross section of diverse, fresh-faced and multifaceted artists who have close connections to Pittsburgh. Using processes in painting, sculpture,  video, and sound, these artists collect and reconfigure the data and debris of today’s world, producing works with a fresh perspective. Throughout the exhibition, a rotating roster of presentations featured innovative experiments in dance, social practice, performance, and more. The exhibition aimed to present the wide range of approaches to art making present in Pittsburgh, provoking viewers beyond a “pedestrian” reality without fully giving way to fantasy, as each artist spoke in their own way to the dynamics between the quotidian and the cosmic, the social and the spectacular, the local and the global.

Artists: Edith Abeyta and Michael Lewis MillerGavin BenjaminDavid BernaboAlexis GideonUlric JosephJessica LangleyCeleste Neuhaus

Featured Presentations: Drew DroegeJanks Archive