Connecting Pittsburgh's creative community to a national conversation. 



Curators and Cultural Producers from around the country are invited to produce an exhibit, lecture, or program connecting Pittsburgh's creative community to a national conversation. 


For the Spring of 2016, housing was generously provided by Barbara Luderowski, President and Co-Director of the Mattress Factory.  

Tereneh Mosley was the first in residence with a collaborative pop-up exhibit of her Idia'Dega collections in February and March of 2016.

Elena Harvey Collins was in residence for April 2016, meeting with artists and writing about her interactions with them, their practices, and the changing landscape of Pittsburgh. The series of essays will be released across several online platforms in the summer of 2016. Additional support for EHC was provided by Radiant Hall. 


In 2017, programming will continue in partnership with Radiant Hall, supported by the Buhl Foundation. Aay Preston-Myint and Latham Zearfoss, of Chances Dances, will visit in May 2017 and Elena Harvey Collins will return for an exhibit in the Fall of 2017.