CDCP Project Space’s Residency Program


CDCP’s Residency provides selected artists, curators, and collectives the space and support to lead a self-driven practice and exhibition for 4-8 weeks in the Wilkinsburg area. Please read through these Terms and Conditions, and apply at the bottom of the page.

1. Our program provides both space for work and exhibition to artists, curators, and collectives who want to develop their practice. By offering our space as both a workplace and gallery space, selected participants will have the opportunity to build a body of work that will lead to an exhibition at the conclusion of their residency. Participants also have the opportunity to host programming in the project space (artist talk, walk through, workshops etc.) and to sell small works at our concept store, Small Mall.

2. The selected participant will be responsible for their own housing in Pittsburgh. Access to the working space will be available from 9am-9pm. These are hard hours that CDCP has agreed to through our lease. Participants will not be able to stay in the space overnight.

3. The duration for the residency is 4-8 weeks long. The exhibition must be open to the public for at least half of the residency (i.e. open for 4 weeks of an 8 week residency). The cost of the residency is $100/week. This includes marketing and promotional materials which will be handled by CDCP. It will also include the reception for the exhibition’s opening. Materials may include:

  • Graphics for web-based content such as Mailchimp (email list) and the CDCP blog

  • Graphics and posts for social media, with heavy promo leading up to exhibition

  • Print material such as postcards to promote the show

  • Drinks for opening reception

  • Gallery attendant for the duration of the exhibition

4. The front of the space houses Small Mall Outpost, our concept store’s satellite location. Hours for the outpost are Friday 2-7pm and Sat-Sun 12-5pm. This portion of the space will not be available as a working space. Artists may have the chance to sell work in the store during their residency as long as it retails for under $500.


  1. Fill out our form below. (We will also be asking for demographic data [e.g. race, gender, income level] that we collect for grant request purposes. If you do not feel comfortable sharing that information, please disregard those fields and continue with the rest of the application.)

  2. Submit the following items as a zip folder in the application Dropbox portal (pink UPLOAD button):

    • 10-15 high-quality JPEGs of your best work for promotional purposes

    • Image list with title, medium, dimensions, and year work was completed

    • Resume listing three references

      Please package your files as a ZIP folder entitled (yourname).zip. To submit your .zip file, press the pink “UPLOAD” button in the application, which will then direct you to our Dropbox File Request page. For information on how to package your work as a .zip file, click here.


CDCP Project Space Residency Application

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