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Call Summary:


The Century Group, Desmone Architects, and Casey Droege are pleased to announce a Request for Proposals for the commissioning of new artwork. Select professional artists are invited to submit proposals of work to be considered for permanent installation at the Wyndham Tryp Hotel, to be built this year. The project is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in ______________.



Submission Deadline: April 30th, 201711:59pm EST (this date will be 30 days out from rfp distribution)




This RFP is open to select professional artists, artisans or artist-led teams currently residing and legally permitted to work in the United States, specifically the greater Pittsburgh area. Artists must be invited to apply, this is not an open call.




The Century Group is working with Desmone Architects and Casey Droege to commission new works of art for the Wyndham Tryp Hotel, being built this year. The building site is the former Washington Trade School and its history will inform the design of the hotel, with each floor focusing on a trade that was taught at the school. 


Individual artists or art collectives are invited to propose new work to be commissioned for several specific sites in the hotel. Chosen artists will work with Droege and the interior team at Desmone to create work that fits with the goals of the project, adheres to building codes, and falls within budget. 


Artwork Production should begin by June 2017 and finished within 2-3 months, final production schedule to be set with individual artists. 



The committee has created the objectives for specific areas to complement both the building and its use. Choice of media for the project is broad but should be in material suitable for an interior environment and connect to the designated themes. The committee will consider both two and three dimensional artwork.


Location 1 – 40th Street Entry Chandelier:

Interior area of the ground floor. The ceiling height is ____ and the fixture will extend down over the landing of the stairwell.  


Medium: Three-dimensional piece mounted from the ceiling. Maximum diameter of 8’ and height of 10’


Theme: Please download the concept boards of the space on the submission page to see the overall design for the gastro pub/entrance area where the chandelier will reside.


Location 2Guest Floor Feature Wall floor 1 (Woodworking) 

9’ h x 16’ 5.25” w

Location 3Guest Floor Feature Wall floor 2 (Print/Draft)

9’ h x 16’ 5.25” w

Location 4Guest Floor Feature Wall floor 3 (Brick)

9’ h x 16’ 9” w

Location 5Guest Floor Feature Wall floor 4 (Metal

9’ h x 16’ 9” w


Interior areas on floors 1-4 across from elevator space. Dimensions vary for each floor.


Medium: Two or Three-dimensional pieces mounted on the walls. Pieces should not come away from the wall more than _______ inches.


Theme: Each floor has a theme (listed above) that connects to the building’s history. These were trades taught in the school.




The artwork will be located indoors in public areas of the first floor through fourth floors. As a public space, all work must adhere to building codes and be installed professionally, to ensure the safety of hotel guests. Final placement of the artwork will be decided by the committee and in consultation with the artist. Feature walls on floors 1-4 will have track lighting available on the ceiling to light the pieces. 




The budget to cover an individual piece of artwork shall not exceed $15k. The committee will decide how this budget will be divided between the commissions. This budget covers all expenses associated with, but not limited to the design, labor, fabrication, project management, materials, tools, contracted services, operations and meetings, travel required to complete the artwork installation, installation, transportation and delivery of the artwork to the site.


If special installation requirements are needed for large and/or complex pieces, the artist is responsible for working with the partners to coordinate all aspects of the installation. The Century Group will provide reinforced wall and ceiling structures for the artwork to be installed.




Artist and/or artist teams may submit their work for consideration as defined below. The artist’s work that is selected will be announced through the email to all submitters. Letters/emails will be sent to the selected artist with details of the commission process.


Do not send proposals unless you have been contacted by Casey Droege Cultural Productions. 




Artists and artist-led teams interested in the project should apply through the online submission form. Artists and artist-led teams may submit proposals for one or multiple locations. 


Please note that online applications will only be accepted between ________and ____________at 11:59 p.m. (EST). Submissions received after this date will not be considered for this project.


Please click on each to download specs of each location site, concept boards for overall hotel, for interior spaces, and for Gastro Bar/Chandelier site.

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(500 words max) introduce yourself and describe why you are interested in the project, your approach to creating public art, and any past relevant experience
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(maximum 500 words) Describe the proposed project, its genesis, its stages and all partners
List of three professional references including contact information (include the complete addresses and phone numbers for persons familiar with your work and working methods.) Please notify references.
Please submit three to five representative work samples, along with a short explanation (maximum 100 words each) of how each relates to the proposed project. All JPEGS must be sized at 250 dpi, a minimum of 4”x6”. Each JPEG must be numbered and titled, and a corresponding description sheet must be included that lists the name, title, date, media, and dimension of each image. May use a URL here, or email a zip file to casey@caseydroege.com