This year, Christina Lee created all logos.


SIX x ATE: Place and Revolution, as part of Open Engagement

April 2015

Energy Innovation Center, hosted by Ryan Lammie and Radiant Hall

This event supported in part by The Sprout Fund and the Penn Brewery.

**Photos by Peter Leeman** 


Cuisine by:


Harrison Apple
Oreen Cohen
Maritza Mosquera
Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson
Nina Sarnelle from the Institute for New Feeling (IfNf)
Ivette Spradlin

SIX x ATE: An Arm and a Leg

July 2015

be2, a project space of Borelli Edwards Gallery

**Photos by Tyler Banash**


Cuisine by:

Amber Edmunds and Sammi Parrish


Special Guest : Brenda Roger

Lauren Goshinski and Quinn Leonowicz of VIA

Terrance Hayes

Jakob Marsico

the moonbaby

Lizzee Solomon

Dan Wilcox


SIX x ATE: Cut and Paste

August 2015

Wigle Whiskey's Barrelhouse

**Photos by Tyler Banash**


Cuisine by:

Meghan Olson


Terry Boyd

Zhiwan Cheung

Kate Hansen of dadpranks

Constance Merriman 

Trevor O'Neale

Josh Reiman

SIX x ATE: Bread and Butter

September 2015

Spirit Lounge

**Photos by Njaimeh Njie**


Cuisine by:

Spirit Lounge


Matthew Conboy

Sarika Goulatia

Herman Pearl

Staycee Pearl

Deesha Philyaw

Elana Schlenker

SIX x ATE: Smoke and Mirrors

October 2015

Mattress Factory Museum of Art

*Photos by Njaimeh Njie


Cuisine by:

Mattress Factory

Lori Hepner
Tereneh Mosley
Celeste Neuhaus

Gianna Paniagua

Ramon Riley
Bill Shannon