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1. Agency; Purposes

The consignee appoints CDCP as agent for the design/merchandise/artwork consigned under this agreement, for the purposes of sale. CDCP reserves the right to sell the design/merchandise/artwork at any venue under their supervision, including online sales. CDCP shall not permit the design/merchandise/artwork to be used for any other purposes without the written consent of the consignee. CDCP reserves the right to reject any and all design/merchandise/artwork even if the consignee has previously consigned with us.  


2. Consignment

Consignee hereby consigns to CDCP, and CDCP accepts on consignment, those works listed on the attached inventory sheet, which is a part of this agreement. Additional Inventory Sheets may be incorporated into this agreement if both parties agree. Consignee shall sign off on all inventory sheets.

Upon approval by CDCP, any new design/merchandise/artwork consignee wishes to sell, that are not currently listed on the inventory sheet/s, must be issued a new contract and date.

3. Duration of the Consignment

The Consignee and CDCP agree that the initial term of consignment for the design/merchandise/artwork is to be 90 days from the date contract was signed__________________ (insert date) and that the consignee will not ask for return of their design/merchandise/artwork prior to this date unless the agreement is breached by CDCP.

After the initial 90 day minimum contract, the consignee has the right to demand all/some of their design/merchandise/artwork back if requested. After 90 day period ends, CDCP will let the consignee know if they would like to renew the contract. If not, CDCP will hold work for 10 days for pick up by the consignee. If consignee has not picked up any remaining design/merchandise/artwork, on the 100th day, CDCP has the right to put design/merchandise/artwork on sale for up to 25% off to help promote/sell merchandise.

After 120 days, if the design/merchandise/artwork have not sold, consignee forfeits ownership of the work.

4. Transportation Responsibilities

Packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery of design/merchandise/artwork from the consignee to CDCP or upon pick up from CDCP, shall be the responsibility of the consignee

5. Responsibility for Loss, Damage, Insurance Coverage

CDCP will be responsible for the safe keeping of all consigned design/merchandise/artwork while they are in its custody. CDCP represents that they will maintain insurance for theft and damage, and that the consigned merchandise will be covered by said insurance while it is in our CDCP’s possession.

6. Taxes

CDCP agrees to collect and pay Pennsylvania sales taxes unless item is nonfunctional artwork, which does not require sales tax.

7. Pricing; Commission; Terms of Payment

CDCP shall sell design/merchandise/artwork only at the retail price specified on the inventory sheet/s of this agreement. Retail price for design/merchandise/artwork must be agreed upon by both the consignee and CDCP. CDCP and the consignee agree that CDCP’s commission is to be 50% for all, regardless of the retail price of the design/merchandise/artwork. Payment to consignee for all sold design/merchandise/artwork will be paid out in the form a check for 50% of the agreed upon retail selling price on a monthly basis. CDCP’s return policy for all merchandise is 7 days. Due to the 7 day return policy, payment to consignee for all sold designs/merchandise/artwork will not be issued until after the 7 day return period. The consignee is responsible for providing up to date correspondence information. An updated inventory sheet will accompany all payments received by CDCP.

If we lose contact with you after 120 days or more, your inventory will become the property of CDCP.

8. Promotion

CDCP shall use its best efforts to promote the sale of the design/merchandise/artwork. Any marketing tools, such as logo, pictures, etc that consignee owns and would like CDCP to use in their promotion/advertising will need to be provided when contract is signed. Consignee understands that while CDCP agrees to use its best efforts to obtain a sale of the consigned merchandise, there is no guaranty a sale will occur. The consignee understands that CDCP will take photos of the design/merchandise/artwork to use for promotion.

9. Inventory Read Carefully

An inventory sheet/s must accompany all design/merchandise/artwork presented in this consignment contract, which is available for sale at CDCP. Fill out the inventory sheet completely! The inventory sheet is the legal record of the design/merchandise/artwork covered by this agreement.

10. Procedures for Modification

Amendments to this agreement (including additional inventory sheets) must be signed by the

consignee and CDCP and attached to this agreement. Both parties must initial any

deletions made on this form and any additional provisions written into it.

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