Thank you for agreeing to be one of Small Mall’s Saturday Celebrity Wrappers for the holiday season. We’re excited to have you in the space and to see your gift wrap designs!

By now, you should have confirmed the dates that you will be at Small Mall for the event. If something comes up or you need to make changes to your date, please get in touch with Corrine at

For participating in this event series, you will receive a complimentary roll of wrapping paper featuring your design. We also may continue to sell rolls featuring your design in the store for the duration of the holiday season if there are any leftover.

You will be at Small Mall from 1-4pm on your scheduled date. We will have a gift wrapping station set up in the middle of the store on one of our pedestals. Corrine will be the staff person for each date and will tell customers about the event as they come in, however we encourage you to engage with customers as well.


Please use the form below to submit your design.

  1. Enter your name and email, then use the pink “UPLOAD IMAGE” button to submit your design.

  2. The file should either be an illustrator file or a jpeg with a 150 dpi- PLEASE LABEL THE FILE WITH YOUR NAME.

  3. This link takes you to a dropbox page where you can upload the file.

  4. Come back to this page to complete the submission.

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