Application for New Small Mall Artists


Small Mall is seeking artists to provide work for sale at the storefront. The selected artists will have their work displayed for one consignment season (90 days), with the possibility of extending your contracted time. Sales are split 50/50 and checks are distributed monthly. If interested, please fill out the following application for consideration. Limit to one submission per person, Artists within 90 miles of Pittsburgh area only.

DUE EOD JULY 12, 2019


  1. Fill out our form below. (We will also be asking for demographic data (e.g. race, gender, income level) that we collect for grant request purposes. If you do not feel comfortable sharing that information, please disregard those fields and continue with the rest of the application.)

  2. Submit up to five high-quality JPEGs of your best work for promotional purposes. Please package your files as a ZIP folder entitled (yourname).zip and include an image list with titles, mediums, prices, and dimensions of your work. To submit your .zip file, press the pink “UPLOAD IMAGE” button in the application, which will then direct you to our Dropbox File Request page. MAKE SURE TO COME BACK AND SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION ON THIS PAGE! For information on how to package your work as a .zip file, click here.

  3. Submit your payment at the bottom of the page (Cost is $10 to apply). If we do not receive payment from you, we will not consider your application.

Please contact Eriko Hattori with any questions by emailing Eriko (at)

Tips on selecting your work:

  • Choose work that can retail at $500 or less

  • Most work should be no bigger than 40” in any direction. Smaller is better!

  • Consider work that feels accessible - will people walking in off the street understand it/want to buy it?

  • We are a VERY small mall. No room for storage, so we will only take small batches of work from each artist.

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Click the pink icon to be taken to dropbox and upload your zipped folder. Remember to return to this page to complete the application.
We ask that your art is packaged in a professional manner and ready for sale. If your work isn't prepared, we reserve the right to not accept your work until you have it packaged. *
*2D work must be in sleeves. Backings are recommended, especially for work on thinner material. *If you make 3D or wearable work, we ask that you use your best judgement. Since it is a retail space, people will be touching your work. If your work is fragile, packaging is recommended.
Are you interested in doing a public program with us? (artist talk, workshop, etc) *