SIX x ATE 2017 Submissions

Due February 6th, 2017 by 11:59 pm EST

Gab Cody reads an original story written for SIX x ATE: Fowl/Foul in 2014.

Gab Cody reads an original story written for SIX x ATE: Fowl/Foul in 2014.

SIX x ATE is an ongoing dinner and lecture series aimed at strengthening our creative community in Pittsburgh. Each event is themed and presents 6 artists and one cuisinier. The audience is a mixture of arts professionals and interested members of the public. Participating artists will receive a stipend of $30, printed material featuring their work, and dinner during the event. Artists have the opportunity to promote their work, make real connections, and have a great time. SIX x ATE has a history of forging amazing collaborations and creating true patrons of the arts. Your work will be promoted through SIX x ATE mailings and this year there will be the opportunity for artists to travel to SIX x ATE in another city. 



Artists of all kinds are welcome to submit, however space and location can create limitations. Artists have only 5 minutes to present or perform their work as it connects to the theme of the night- this time limit will be enforced during the event.  Presentation content can sum up a body of work, be a performance, focus on one or two pieces, or veer far from your normal practice. Also, the content must connect to the theme of the night. Themes this year include "Quid pro quo," "Amor Patriae," "Ipso Facto," and "Memento Vivere."   Accepted artists must submit presentations in pdf, ppt, or mov files several weeks before the event or they will be removed from the event. 



Cuisiniers can create a simple meal including appetizers, entree, and dessert, and are invited to submit ideas for menus based on the themes. Cuisiniers will receive a stipend and several volunteers to create the meals. Menus must be agreed upon and tested 3 weeks prior to the event. Please remember costs must be kept low and vegetarian options are required. 


Please read thoroughly before submitting.


We are also looking for artists affiliated with Radiant Hall and Manchester Craftsmen's Guild for partnered SIX x ATE events. If you are a current Radiant Hall artist, please check out the event application here. If you have ever been a student or teaching artist at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, please check out the event application here.

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Please include your website or a link to images that inform your proposal.
Please include a bio of 50 words or less.
Please choose one theme/event that you would like to propose an idea for.
Please write a brief proposal. Artists should address what you would do with your 5 minutes and how it would connect to the theme. Cuisiniers should address a brief outline of their menu and a cost estimate. Please list any equipment or supplies that you would be bringing and anything that you would need SIX x ATE to provide.