Tiny Talks Terms and Conditions

Thank you for agreeing to participate in Small Mall’s Tiny Talks series. Please carefully read over our terms and conditions and fill out the form below to act as your signature.

1. Tiny Talks is a one-night-only micro-exhibit series that is accompanied by an artist talk, conversation, performance, or you standing in the corner looking pretty. As a Tiny Talks artist, you will be given a small space in the storefront to exhibit your work for one evening only.

2. As our name entails, our space is small so please be considerate about the size of work you’d like to bring in and how you’d like for it to be hung. We want to accommodate you and your work as much as possible, however we also do not want to make large changes to our space as it is for one night only.

a. For framed or mounted two-dimensional work and small three-dimensional work, we will offer you one of our pegboard walls. The pegboard wall has moveable shelves that you can arrange however you’d like, and you will lean your work against the wall.

(Framed work must be 16 x 20 or smaller to fit on shelves)

b. For unframed two-dimensional work, we will offer our clipboard walls (photos of both walls below.)

c. You may also use our pedestals for free standing 3D work that is too large for the pegboard shelves. We have two pedestals, one is (ERIKO _ >>>>insert sizes here).

d. You are also welcome to bring additional small work to sell during the event. Please send a price list 7 days ahead of time if you are planning on bringing work that is not already at Small Mall.

3. It is up to you whether you want your event to be free or have an entry fee. If you want to have paid entry, we encourage you to make it as affordable as possible. Our preference is $10 and under. You can also have it be donation based or have a sliding scale fee. You are also welcome to set up a donation to a local organization of your choice.

4. If you are interested in doing a conventional artist talk, keep it under 30 minutes. If you’d like to do a conversation, we will send you a list of questions for the artist talk to help you prepare. You are welcome to state changes you’d like to be made or inform us of what direction you’d like for the conversation to go. We primarily want to talk about your art and practice, but you can also discuss topics that are relevant to your work. You are also welcome to host a workshop, do a performance, or anything else to accompany your exhibit. (No messes in the space though)

5. We will make a promotional graphic for your event and advertise on our social media accounts and website. Please provide us with an image you’d like to be used for this purpose in the form below. We will send you the graphic for your approval.

6. We will arrange for libations at your event. In the past, Small Mall has partnered with Lawrenceville Distilling Co. to provide drinks. If you would like to have additional food or beverages available, you are welcome to bring your own.


30 days ahead of event - Event title, description, format for event, promo image provided and agreed upon

15 days ahead of event - confirmation of layout for artwork during the event

7 days ahead of event - price list and label info provided for any work that is new to small mall

Day of event - you arrive minimum 2 hours ahead of event for artwork install and setup, you take artwork home with you and deinstall that night.

If you cannot adhere to our deadlines, we have the right to cancel the event at any point.

If you have read and agree to the above terms, please fill out this short form to act as your signature. If you have questions about these terms, please contact Corrine Jasmin at corrine@caseydroege.com.

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Pegboard wall

Pegboard wall

Clipboard wall

Clipboard wall

Photos by Porter Loves Creative