CDCP and Porter Loves Creative present:

Brush It Up!

A Workshop Series

As an artist, you have to function as maker, marketer, business manager, and more. It can be overwhelming on a good day and career ending on a bad one. This is especially true if you’re just starting out on your own; as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know. When an opportunity comes up to show your work or apply for a residency, do you stay up all night trying to update materials or photoshop bad images? Have you given up on opportunities because you don’t have anything ready to go? Do you give a disclaimer when handing out a business card or showing your website?


Join Casey Droege (Casey Droege Cultural Productions) and Sam Laffey (Porter Loves Creative) for a series of three workshops addressing organization and brushing up the presentation of your work.


Workshops will be held at Casey Droege Cultural Productions on the 2nd floor of 937 Liberty Ave, a project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Tickets are available for a sliding scale of $15 - 30, or attend all three for $40 - 85.


Follow up Sessions

While the workshop series is over, we are offering a limited number of personal consulting sessions with Sam and Casey. They will be available on July 10th between 12pm and 5pm. Please sign up below:


Monday May 7, 6-7:30pm @ CDCP (937 Liberty Ave, fl 2)

Brush It Up! Collateral Materials


You’re making mistakes with how you present yourself. There, we said it (lovingly, but we said it.) It’s okay, everyone does, especially when you’re just starting out or you have been on autopilot and tend to keep doing things as they’ve always been done. After working with many different artists at various stages, we can say with confidence: you’re making mistakes, but you can fix them.

Collateral material refers to the elements out in the world representing you and your work- think business cards, websites, inventory lists, etc.

Join us to learn what you need and why. See examples of what works and what doesn’t. Ask questions and leave this workshop armed and ready to brush up your stuff.






Saturday May 26th, 10:30am-12pm @ CDCP (937 Liberty Ave, fl 2)

Brush It Up! Writing


Information about yourself is imperative when representing you and your work. But the specifics of your wording and tone depend on a variety of factors. How you speak about your work will vary from how you write about it in a blog post, which will, in turn, differ from how you write about it in a grant application, social media post, exhibition catalog, etc.

Why are words so important for a visual artist? Getting the story behind the work increases the understanding of you and your art, the likelihood of a patron purchasing it, and the probability of them sharing it with others. When you tie an artist statement to your work, it humanizes the creator. And when people understand that a human person made this thing they are interested in, it increases the perceived value of the work.

We’ll share examples of great writing and writing that is...not so great. We’ll send you home with a writing exercise to practice what you learn, plus strict instructions not to use the online artist statement generator.


Wednesday May 16, 6-7:30pm @ CDCP (937 Liberty Ave, fl 2)

Brush It Up! Images + Graphics


Clear and concise visuals are key to presenting yourself as a professional visual artist. Your graphic elements don’t need to be fancy, but they should be clean, consistent, and easy to understand. These visual components are what connect your collateral materials to your work and to you.

While we’re talking about graphic elements here, we’ll also discuss the why/what/how behind getting high-quality images of your work. These not only document your work, but act as your currency in the art world when applying to exhibits, grants, and residencies. The quality of your graphic elements and images directly impacts your collateral materials and professional pathway, so let’s brush it up.

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