2017 Year in Review


Casey Droege and Johanna Lasner officially started CDCP this past January in Droege's living room and ended the year at 937 Liberty Ave, a project space of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.  


We're thrilled at what we've been able to accomplish in just 12 months and want to share some of the highlights with you.



We made it happen.

CDCP was not only created to house our ongoing programs (SIX x ATE, CSA PGH, PGH Photo Fair), but as an experiment in arts economy in Pittsburgh. Droege and Lasner are seeing what it takes to create a sustainable, for-profit arts business while continuing to give back to our community in the form of paid opportunities for artists and engaging activities for the public.



We paid artists.

Through our keystone programs and art consulting, we managed to pay $120,000 to 75 local artists. This doesn't include all of the opportunities we created for artists to sell their own work- like CSA PGH's Small Mall arts market in Space Gallery or sales made by artists after giving a talk at SIX x ATE. 


We also believe that other arts organizations and galleries are important to a healthy arts ecosystem. When we partner up with orgs for events, we encourage our attendees to support them financially. In our art consulting, we buy art directly from artists and from local galleries to encourage their stability in the region.



We connected Pittsburgh to other places.

While we wish we could organize monthly road trips for everyone in the burgh, we settled for bringing in the outsiders! This year we brought in visitors for PGH Photo Fair's programming that included gallerists, curators, and collectors. They gave lectures, they showed artwork, and the public was invited to enjoy it for free.


We also continued our own curatorial residency in partnership with Radiant Hall, which brought in several curators/cultural producers to meet with artists all over the city and deliver talks or events that were free to the public. 


We collaborated with our neighbors.

No artist is an island. We could never accomplish the amount that we do without the wildly enthusiastic network of collaborators we've found this year. For SIX x ATE in particular, we tend to bring in the widest array of partners - from chefs to historical sites to educational facilities. And we haven't even begun to talk about our audience, who we truly see as collaborators as well. They engage in fruitful dialogues with us, pay for events, bring in new friends to learn about CDCP- what else could a girl ask for? 


Money... I guess we could always ask for more money. Or a tiny horse, that's been on our list lately as well. 

About our artists:

Every year we push ourselves to find incredible artists in Pittsburgh. We strive to work with a diverse population of artists, across all demographics, and while we tend to focus on the visual arts we also like to include artists from the performing and literary worlds. 


Many of our artists gave us their favorite songs, and we made them into a playlist. Check it here:

About our advisors in 2017:


Many thanks to this amazing group of brainiacs for taking the time to help us grow this year. Our advisors were critical in the shaping of our business this first year, in helping us overcome the hurdles, and in providing moral support. 


From left to right: Vicky A. Clark, Janine Jelks-Seale, Tereneh Mosley, and John Rhoades. We would also like to remember our friend and advisor Alexandra Oliver. 


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