SIX x ATE: Seer/Sear/Sere

December 2014

Silver Eye Center for Photography


Cuisine by:

Phyllis Kim and Amber Edmunds

April Friges
Christiane Leach
Darren Lee Miller
Daniel Pillis
Elizabeth Rudnick
Alisha Wormsley

SIX x ATE: Carrot/Carat/Caret

October 2014

Kaleidoscope Cafe


Cuisine by:

Chef Dan Robinson and Kaleidoscope Cafe team

Featuring 6 of the 2014 CSA PGH artists:
Edith Abeyta
Cara Erskine
Alexis Gideon
Lucia Nhamo
Jim Rugg
Barbara Weissberger


SIX x ATE: Fowl/Foul

September 2014

An evening at Pat Bellan Gillen and Vince Gillen's home in Burgettstown, PA.
Dan Allende & Tucker Marder
Gab Cody
Ulric Joseph
Taylor Slowdanger Knight & Anna Slowdanger Thompson
Jennifer Nagle Myers
Lenore Thomas

Food provided by the hosts and guests.