Art events to look out for, September edition

For this post we’ll be highlighting some arts events in September that we’re excited for. If you’re looking for a show to see, scroll below and mark your calendars for some amazing exhibits!


Wanna know what we’re up to when we’re not hard at work? Find out at Fringe Benefits, the CDCP staff show, opening Saturday September 21st! Fringe Benefits will feature work by Candace Opper, Corrine Jasmin, Eriko Hattori, and Nicole Czapinski; curated by none other than Casey Droege. The show will take place at the CDCP Project Space on 317 S. Trenton Ave. Click here for more info.


PULLPROOF Studios is hosting Mirror, Mirror a group show curated by Small Mall artist Christina Lee and Emma Vescio. The work in the exhibit explores the tension between high art and low-brow aesthetics through the female/non-binary lens, while highlighting the voices of visual storytellers who are underrepresented by the art world and the world at large. With Mirror, Mirror, Christina and Emma are rethinking what belongs on gallery walls by exhibiting work that is usually seen as unconventional for a gallery setting. Mirror, Mirror also features drawings by CDCP staff member Eriko Hattori. Pullproof is open by appointment only, however a closing reception for the show will take place at the end of the month. Read more about Mirror, Mirror in this month’s Pittsburgh City Paper.


The closing reception for Small Mall artist Stephen Grebinski’s Peaceable Kingdom is coming up on Sept. 25th. Curated by Emma Vescio, Peaceable Kingdom invites viewers to Grebinski’s utopia to sit, stare, bask, and question the works that have been presented to them. Grandiose rooms and architecture come to life within every drawing, painting, or collage. Inspired by the lost spaces of interior design manuals and archival videos, Grebinski finds solace in his reinterpretations of individualism and societal expectations. Reclaiming the rooms not meant to be sat in. The houses that are overlooked, bulldozed, forgotten. The painting that is redone over and over again. These spaces are equal, abstracted, and beautiful throughout Peaceable Kingdom. The show and closing reception will be at The Union Hall. Find out more here.

Wrapping up: the CDCP Gallery show AND the Gift of Local Art

Here at CDCP we're spending our time wrapping: wrapping up the final days of the CDCP gallery show, may you live in interesting times, and wrapping up gifts of local, fresh art.

Only a few shares remain!  Buy your 2017 CSA PGH today.

Only a few shares remain! Buy your 2017 CSA PGH today.

The CDCP gallery is open just two more weekends:  Friday November 17th from 12pm to 7pm and Saturday November 18th from 12pm to 5pm; Friday December 1st from 12pm to 7pm and Saturday December 2nd from 12pm to 5pm. (Please note that the gallery will be closed over Thanksgiving holiday weekend.)

Enjoy the last opportunities to see the current gallery show, may you live in interesting times, which features new work investigating visual thinking in the new world order by artists Sarika GoulatiaBrenda Roger, and Thomas Waters. Also on view in the gallery are available artworks from the CSA PGH program, including the newest 2017 share and individual works still in stock from past seasons available for purchase or pick up.