Meet the Interns: Murphy McConnell


CDCP's operations run smoothly thanks to our interns. For our blog, we'd like to take a moment to highlight our interns from this summer and give you a chance to meet them!

First up is Murphy, who was with us from May until August. She mostly worked with our Operations Coordinator Candace Opper and was a huge help in keeping CDCP a well oiled machine. Sadly, Murphy's last day with us was at the beginning of this month. We miss her spunk and sardonic sass, but we're looking forward to all of the amazing things she'll be doing in the future.

1) Hi Murphy! Can you tell me a little about yourself, like where you go to school and your major?

I started at Penn State in ceramics but now transferring to Appalachian State in Boone, NC to pursue a degree in Industrial Design (concentration in furniture design… hopefully)

2) You've mentioned that you do ceramics. What kind of ceramic work do you do and how did you get into it?

I enjoy sculpting over wheel work just because I feel that you get to go at your own pace. Theres also the fact that I prefer to make more of human forms which is much easier to hand build that throw. I got into ceramics at my high school. I was always encouraged to do art since I was little by my mom. She always had us doing fun crafts when my sister and I were little. Of course once we got older it turned into less of fun crafts and more into, “ Hey can you guys paint the Garage?”

3) Are there any other art practices you like to do?

I really enjoyed the wood shop that we had to do for a class in college, along with a project we did using cardboard.

4) What are your favorite things to do in Pittsburgh?
Since I live so far away I haven’t really had time to explore the city. But I have found that I enjoy people watching. Where i'm from its a small town, especially compared to Pittsburgh, and everyone sort of has a mold that they fit into but here there are no rules on how you are expected to dress without creating a town scandal 😄

5) Any favorite small mall artists? Or favorite artists in general?

I would have to say that my favorite artists here at Small Mall would have to Kathleen Zimbicki and Ryder Henry.

6) Are you excited to start going to Appalachian state and moving to North Carolina?

Excited yes, but I think I am more nervous at the moment due to the fact that I won’t know anyone and don’t know what to expect. (Plus I heard that outsiders can get culture shock because some people there don’t wear shoes… they just barefoot it)

7) What made you choose to transfer?

I choose to transfer because when I was making my college decision it was between PSU and App State and at that time I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I still am not 100% sure, but who is? I originally started at PSU in Art Ed; once we helped out at an after school program for k-5 I knew instantly that it was NOT for me. So I went for ceramics where I realized early on that even though I enjoy ceramics I wasn’t passionate about it. So now I am following my “What If”. I am so lucky to have parents that want me to succeed, and instead of just letting me be complacent and making me go to something like marketing they encouraged me to follow the nagging feeling that I may have made the wrong choice in school. The “What If” I went to App State instead of Penn State. And after the long winded explanation is why I am transferring to App State!

Interested in interning for CDCP? We’re always looking for interns to help us with the nitty gritty tasks. Shoot an email to Eriko at to learn more about being a part of our team!